Aimee Fanning- Administrative Assistance

An organization mastermind, Ms. Aimee Fanning comes to Berman motivated, and with a plan for excellence. Eager to learn more, Hamodiya went to see what makes her tick.

Hamodiya: Where did you work before coming to the Berman upper school?

Ms. Fanning: College Living Experience in Rockville, MD. (The organization provides assistance to college students with autism, Asperger’s, learning disabilities, and other special needs.

H: Did you live somewhere other than Maryland before coming to work at Berman?

MF: I am from Seattle, WA

H:What is one surprising thing all students should know about you?

MF:[I] enjoy skiing [and I] collect sneakers.

H: How did you come to love your subject?

MF: I enjoy administrative work, and I like keeping others organized.

H: Do you have any pets?

MF: I have a Puggle, Tater

H: Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled?

MF: The Great Northwest.