Curtis Hochtman- Auto Shop Elective

Perhaps you were unaware, but coming to Berman this year is a brand new elective: Auto Shop. Hamodiya sat down with Mr. Curtis Hochtman, a third generation mechanic and Berman’s new Auto Shop teacher.

Hamodiya: What are you looking forward to the most this coming year?

Mr. Hochtman: Meeting all the new faces and starting a new class at Berman


H: What is one surprising thing all students should know about you?

MH: I have a true love of cars.


H: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of school?

MH: Boating/fishing


H: What animal do you see yourself most like? Why?

MH: The American Eagle, I am very prideful and Patriotic


H: What is your favorite book?

MH: The Chilton Manual for estimating and repairing cars and light trucks


With Mr. Hochtman at the helm, we cannot wait to hear how great this new and exciting elective is. And with three cats and three parakeets we know he can handle any challenge thrown at him.