An Israeli Connection: Getting to Know Berman’s 2016-2017 Kollel and B’not Sherut


Every year Berman welcomes new Kollel Bachurim and B’not Sherut and spends a wonderful year with them. Whether they’re making chulent or organizing daglanut, they are always working on planning some amazing event. Hamodiya got to hear more about these incredible people who are doing so much for our school.

Where are you from?

Aharon Willinger:  I’m from Kedumim, Israel.

Itzchak Nimrodi: Jerusalem

Hagai Factor: I am from Netanya

Maayan Karmon: Petach Tikva, Israel

Shir Abramovitch: I’m from Modiin


How did you react when you found out you were moving to DC?

Aharon Willinger: I chose to come to DC, so I was excited

Itzchak Nimrodi: This was my top location choice, so I was filled with joy when I found out I would be coming to DC.

Hagai Factor: I was very excited and was happy because I was told the community here was very warm and welcoming to Israeli shlichim.

Maayan Karmon: I was happy and I just sent a picture of me with Shir to all of my friends

Shir Abramovitch: To be honest, at first I was scared and afraid a little bit, but after I arrived and saw how much the people here are amazing and that my job is important, I am so happy and grateful that I am here.


What is your favorite color?

Aharon Willinger: Green

Itzchak Nimrodi:Brown

Hagai Factor: Blue

Maayan Karmon: Red

Shir Abramovitch: I don’t really know , I change my opinion almost every second about it. Right now I think it is, it’s purple.. no, maybe it’s green…


What did you want to do when you grow up when you were little?

Aharon Willinger: To be a pilot

Itzchak Nimrodi:I wanted to be a תנ”ך teacher

Hagai Factor: I wanted to be a musician

Maayan Karmon:  I wanted to be an architect

Shir Abramovitch: Prime minister or vet


Are you excited to work with Bnei Akiva of Silver Spring?

Aharon Willinger: Yes I am!

Itzchak Nimrodi:Of course! I have the opportunity to work with the best Bnei Akiva in Silver Spring!

Hagai Factor: I am very excited. I was a chanich and madrich myself, and I believe it is very important for children to have a tzioni/Israeli/religious group to spend time with.

Maayan Karmon:  I’m really excited for Bnei Akiva! (Every year the B’not Sherut and the Kollel work side by side with Bnei Akiva)

Shir Abramovitch: Very much! I know it will be so interesting, educational, and fun of course.


Were you surprised/ how did you react when you were told that you needed to make the chulent?

Aharon Willinger:  I was excited to do it. It’s really fun and connect us to everyone.

Itzchak Nimrodi: I bought a cooking outfit. I roll up my sleeves, and get to work.

Hagai Factor: I felt sorry for everyone who had to eat it (I’m not such a good cook), but luckily, all the shlichim pitch in so you can’t blame any one of us if it doesn’t taste good.


Are you excited to organize daglanut?

Maayan Karmon: Yes, I’m beginning to think about routines now

Shir Abramovitch: Of course! I remember that I had so much fun in mine!

What are you most excited about this year?

Aharon Willinger: About the opportunity to work with new peoples with different culture.

Itzchak Nimrodi: To experience a new lifestyle and be part of a culture different from the one I grew up in. Also, to connect between Israeli community and the community here.

Hagai Factor: I am very excited for many things. First of all, I’m excited to study with the kollel and midrasha class is very challenging. I am learning so much with my peers. Secondly, the hospitality of the community has been so heart-warming and I’m a very grateful to be here. The last month was so great that I can’t wait for the rest of the year.

Maayan Karmon:  I’m most excited for the Yom Ha’atzmaut events.

Shir Abramovitch: Everything! But most of all I excited for free Sundays, just kidding.. I’m excited for the work and making connections and knowing new people.


What was your favorite childhood memory?

Aharon Willinger: The Aliya to Israel.

Itzchak Nimrodi: Visiting the kotel on shabbat afternoons.

Hagai Factor: When me and my friends would have a kumzitz in the summer.

Maayan Karmon:  Small chocolate cookies that my mother made for me for my third birthday.

Shir Abramovitch: My bat mitzva. I guided my family and friends in the cave of the western wall.


What are you most excited about for working with Berman?

Aharon Willinger: With all the students!

Itzchak Nimrodi:the connection between teachers and students. there is a feeling of happiness in the halls. it is a good feeling to be here.

Hagai Factor: I am excited to meet children of different ages and try to connect with each one in a unique way in order to connect them with the torah of Israel.

Maayan Karmon:

What makes me happiest is that there is such a large range of ages… from age two to seniors and of course that there is a room for color printing!

Shir Abramovitch: So excited to meet you all!